Finance & Insurance Branch

Cooperate with top insurance companies and US banks. Such as BOA, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, AEGON, ING, ACC, etc. Specializes in overseas financing, crossing-country merge & acquisitions, market data analysis, investment immigration, foreign investment, financial planning, etc.

President: Chen Yen
Assistant Vice President of Bank of The West
Sales Manager of Asia-Pacific Rim
Expertise in International Personal & Commercial Banking


Director: Simone Liu
Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank in Beverly Hills
Expertise in Global Wealth Management


Director: Rose Xing
CEO of New Century Financial Group
Maintained ROI at 13% during Financial Crisis


Director: Audrey Xu
General Manager of AX Investment Group

Director: Ken Lin
Senior Commercial Branch Manager / Vice President
Expertise in All Forms of International Banking, Letter of Credit, International Business Analysis

Director: Joseph Chow
Business Banking Officer, AVP
Expertise in Commercial Loans for Plaza, Warehouse, Office Building, Business Free Cash Flow, etc.

Director: Haidi Huang
CEO of Grand Prospects Financial Insurance
President of Asian America Insurance & Financial Professional Association

Director: Victor Woo
Regional Manager of Citi Bank
Expertise in Commercial & Resident Real Estate Loan

Director: Tony Yu
Investor of DSG Insurance Services, Inc.
Expertise in Commercial Insurance, Property Insurance, Life Insurance

Director: Nelson Lee
Vice President of Asian Department, Wells Fargo
General Manager of Commercial Investment Department


如果您有对美国的海外战略发展需求,商务需求或者其他相关合作,请发送信息至商会邮箱 或拨打商会中美联系电话

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