With the opening of American foreign markets, Chinese enterprises seize this opportunity to boldly enter the US market. US Chinese General Chamber of Commerce mobilized all brunches, purchased 3,000 acres of land to build " China Industrial Park" in the greater Los Angeles area, hoping to attract 100 Chinese dynamic manufacturing companies. To give an opportunity for Chinese companies to develop and root together in the United States.



Office Center mainly focused on freelancers oand entrepreneurs , we provide high-end physical office and full time employed staff to maintain the operation so that they do not need to rent their own and waste money and resources not use it everyday. Hour-based office can allow you to have a professional company branding image, to help you easily conduct business. And we also provide private personalised solutions with high mobility and flexibility. No need to sign a long-term rental contracts can help you save a lot of cash flow.



" Authentic China " use both online and offline business model, integrate various industries and resources. Combined with authentic Chinese products manufacturers, build influential international network to promote its products and business platform. The establishment of entities throughout the United States make it easier for mainstream American society to understand Chinese product and also convenient for Chinese authentic products and brands enter the US.



International Brand Survey & Certification Committee is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to regulate the US market brands, promote products and provide service for American consumers. Help US consumers to have an objective and comprehensive brand understanding. China is an important importer to US. This project is committed to expand Chinese brands in the United States, breaking the 'Made in China'impression in the past, let American consumers really understand and accept Chinese outstanding brands and allow Chinese consumers to understand US market.



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