International Exchange

Connections with major U.S. PR agencies, design companies, event planners, and Chinese leaders in the U.S., such as member of Congress, and mayors. Capable of organize exchanges programs for culture, business and other purposes. Such as the world's financial annual meeting and China-US Business Leaders Forum.

Division Board Member
Alva Leng
American Yingde deputy executive education,
The Los Angeles campus of the University senior singer judge


International Exchange Division (IED) of ACBA is dedicated to promote high-quality education, overseas scholar/student exchanges, and long-term collaboration between educational institutions of China and the United States. Mission of IED includes but not limited to: 1) provide assistance for international education organizations in China and the United States; 2) promote scholar/student exchange programs; 3) host international curriculum and conferences; and 4) support culture of international education.
 Provide educational opportunities and assistances for international scholars and students
·     Improve the quality of international education for current and future generations
·     Facilitate and improve international education dialogues and policies between China and the United States
·     Use international education to benefit global society and economy

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