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Consist of hundreds of university presidents, Chinese artists, professors, scholars and overseas prestigious academics as members and directors of UCCC. Cooperate with top ten art museums and U.S. universities. Thousands of students achieved their U.S. education dream through UCCC platform.

President :Jessie Zeng,
US Jiecheng Chinese Cultural Center President , Tsinghua University Southern California Alumni Association Vice President and Secretary , JCUAA Chinese universities Joint Alumni Association,
Southern California Association of Jiangxi Association vice president.


Director : Dr. Tong grand , former vice president of Tsinghua alumni Association, current US high-tech companies scientist.  

Director : Dr. Zeng Jiang , president of the US-China Friendship Association , the incumbent oil company chief scientist.  

Director : Dr. Xu Meihe , former vice president of Tsinghua Alumni Association , chief scientist of the current US high-tech companies , Jiangxi Distinguished experts , Jiangxi Association president.  

Director : Dr. Zeng Liang, lifelong professor of physics at the Pan-American University.  

Director : Jiang Jing , director of the Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University , director of the Los Angeles office.  

Director : Dr. Jiaqing Mei
UCLA Senior Researcher  

Director : Dr. Frank Song
UCLA Senior Researcher.  

Director : Dr. Wu , City Hope
Senior Researcher.  

Director : Dr. Chen Jianwen , alumni , UCLA visiting scholar at Harvard University postdoctoral now .



如果您有对美国的海外战略发展需求,商务需求或者其他相关合作,请发送信息至商会邮箱 或拨打商会中美联系电话

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