"Openness basing on sincerity, careness generating from love." UCCC provides Chinese-American businesses in the U.S. market with genuine, actual, effective services as well as protections on their legal rights. Simultaneously, UCCC dedicates to build a comprehensive trading platform and play a role of bridges that facilitate the development of U.S. Chinese trade relations and exchanges between enterprises.

Mission Statement
By facilitating the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese-American businesses in the U.S. market through medias such as websites, magazines, lectures, seminars, and business investigation visits, UCCC can provide our members with first-hand information, experience exchanging, and resource sharing services. UCCC also helps our members build world-class, high-quality people networks, which may potentially generate business opportunities. UCCC is also working on strengthening the communication between U.S. government and business circles for the successful delivery of the wishes, wants, and appeals of Chinese businesses; as well as the protection and safeguard on our members' legal rights. UCCC will perform as a representative on behalf of our members to conduct negotiations and communications with U.S. government and business community in order to maximize our members' wealth.

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