Business & Trade

Cooperates with Major U.S. trade associations, commercial shopping centers, industrial parks, customs, transportation companies and other management groups. Overseas market penetration, U.S. government PR, etc. Operating in major business cities, industrial parks, international trade and logistics construction sites, etc.

President, Crystal Chen,
AICPA vice president of US public company financial Orient Paper , served as a US public company QKL CFO , MBA University of California , Renmin University of China financial doctor , former US trade union branch Financial Officer.


Director, Richard Chang,
Freight customs, forwarders and warehousing companies ---- Feiyang courier company executive . International trade experts .

Director, Edwin Chen,
Technical Director of American International Brand Promotion Center,
U.S. Chinese General Chamber of Commerce website designer, responsible for overall maintenance.
Elite brands expertise marketing,
Website design and optimization

Director, Diane Xing,
Ramada logistics company executive . International trade experts

Director, Eddie Wang,
Edward Group President, corporate planning and marketing expert

Director, Roger Hwang,
Invincible electronic dictionary Corporation president,
US Electronic Dictionary industry leader

Director, Alice Pein,
American Meical Aesthetics President

Director, Donna Lee,
Electronic company EDISON California Manager

Director, Daniel Hu,
Real Estate Manager

Director, Helen Huang,
Pan Pan Production President, Advertising Production, Marketing Planning and Special Event Design.

Director, Gary Chen,
American OPT Resource President, Memory Module

Director, Terry Lee,
Leading US meida ‘Chinese Business’ Business Leader

Director, Jason Yue,
President of Vast Field Corp

Director, Genie,
President of Flower Genie

Director, Xuesong Wang,
Leading US auto repair business- Changlong Banjin President

Director, David Cheng,
Will the US- Food Co., Ltd. President



如果您有对美国的海外战略发展需求,商务需求或者其他相关合作,请发送信息至商会邮箱 或拨打商会中美联系电话

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