News & Media Branch

Hundreds of media company cooperation provide large scale of media coverage, help advertise. Close cooperation with Chinese biggest search engine BAIDU, "Chinese CNBC" Phoenix, etc.

President: William Lu
VP News Department & VP Marketing of EDI Media
Senior Reporter


Director: Sam Lee
President of News Department, Sky Link TV
Senior Reporter

Director: Belle Huang
VP Marketing of International TV
Senior Reporter, Program Producer, Hostess

Director: Carrie Li,
CEO of CCTV Tomorrow International TV
Director of Northern America Advertisement Department, CCTV

Director: Lily Dong
Senior Reporter of Radio Station AM1300 & AM 1600

Director: Kate Lan
Senior Reporter & Editor of Phoenix TV

Director: Bing Bing
President of Star Zone Entertainment
Hostess of Radio Station AM1300

Director: Ben Yu
Senior Reporter of World Daily

Director: Mimi Hsieh
VP Industry & Commerce Service Center of World Daily

Director: Louise Liu
Deputy Manager & Senior Reporter of Overseas Chinese

Director: Jun Wang
Senior Reporter of China Daily

Director: Wei Tzu Sang
Senior Reporter & Photographer of HTTV USA

Director: Julie Tsui
Deputy & Senior Reporter of Business Department of CTI

Director: Frank Du
Senior Reporter of Taiwan Times

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